The aims and objectives for which the Society is set up are:

  1. To promote academic and scientific activity in the field of neurological Sciences
  2. To encourage research in the field of neurological Sciences
  3. To organise continuing medical education and training programmes, meetings and conferences in neurological sciences.
  4. To publish scientific papers, journals, monographs and text books aimed at upgrading knowledge and skill
  5. To seek affiliation with national and international associations and societies or similar bodies to achieve the objectives of the society.
  6. To maintain close association and co-operation among those devoting full time to any branch of Neurological Sciences within and outside India.
  7. To maintain the highest standard in the ethics and practice in all the fields of neurological sciences.
  8. To maintain this high standard, every endeavor shall be made to give adequate training to those who are properly qualified.
  9. To promote and encourage research in all the fields of neurological sciences.
  10. To receive and accept donations, gifts, grants or contributions in kind and cash from any person or persons, associations, societies, companies, authority or Government for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Society.
  11. To increase public awareness about neurological disorders.
  12. To formulate a code of conduct for its members.
  13. To utilize the amount derived in the Association for the development of Association and shall not be distributed to the members for any reason.
  14. Prevention and relief of human suffering irrespective of caste, creed, community, religion and economic status.
  15. Promotion of knowledge of the factors governing health.
  16. Coordination of activities for training doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and others involved in the ministry of healing.
  17. To collaborate with other national and international societies and organizations of similar nature in a manner that work towards fulfilling the mission and vision of the Society.
  18. Publishing journals related to the latest developments, case studies and research analysis to the members for the overall development of knowledge for the benefit of public.


  1.  To provide a unique forum within India for the interchange of ideas among the neuro science researchers, educators, managers, policymakers from India and all over the world, with the intention of covering all neuro science related issues of different kinds
  2. To serve as a platform to guide and focus neuro science research, education and policies in India towards satisfying the county needsin the field of neuro sciences.